Chinese Creative Writing

Chinese creative writing plays a significant role in the Chinese language syllabus. It is an important skill that will help students get far in their command of the Chinese language. However, it may be difficult to pick up. Thus it is important that students get the proper guidance that they need to be able to write well and be comfortable writing Chinese characters. Here at Promiseland, we use a variety of methods to facilitate students’ creative thinking and support them in their education. With our help, Chinese writing will eventually be a breeze for them.

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Training creative thinking in Chinese writing

Promiseland Learning Hub adopts a fun and methodological approach in teaching its students. Students are taught how to organise their composition, express their thoughts and avoid common mistakes in a step-by-step manner. On top of that, students also learn through brainstorming new ideas and class discussions. These class discussions will be facilitated to help students generate ideas among each other. Through the composition classes, students are introduced to different writing styles. They will also be exposed to a wide range of vocabulary and good phrases to use in writing. Additionally, they will be trained to adopt a creative thinking mindset in their writing process. This creative thinking mindset will not only help them in writing a good essay, but in all other areas that benefit from a creative approach.

Promiseland Learning Hub Chinese creative writing PSLE composition Promiseland Learning Hub Chinese creative writing PSLE Chinese composition

Preparation for PSLE Chinese Composition

PSLE composition is a significant component in which students can potentially score well and boost up their grades. However, this is where many students tend to lose marks as they are not trained to write creatively. After going through our Chinese Creative Writing classes, students will be equipped to do well in their PSLE Chinese Competition writing.

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