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Promiseland Learning Hub is led by 黄老师 and 苏老师, two passionate educators, who have more than 20 years of experience each. We are MOE registered teachers specialising in teaching preschool and primary level Chinese. We love inspiring students and getting them excited about what they are learning. As owners of our Chinese tuition centre, we believe in doing the teaching ourselves. Be rest assured that your child is in good hands.
Started in 1998, we grew steadily through word of mouth and the support of our students. We eventually relocated to our current centre in 2008. We believe that early exposure to the language is absolutely critical. We are able to boost the confidence and ability of students, giving them a firm grasp of the Chinese language. As dedicated teachers equipped with the right approach, we are able to provide guidance as your child explores this fascinating world of Chinese.

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Why Choose Our Chinese Tuition Centre?

Every year, 90-100% of Promiseland students get an A/A* in PSLE and other examinations
There are no requirements for entry, we accept everyone!

Our Purpose

To help students learn Chinese well & in an interesting way
To bless those who come our way
To ensure that all our students benefit from coming
To enjoy teaching and maintain an interest in our work

Engaging Teaching Methods Such As Chinese Storytelling & Speech And Drama

At our Chinese tuition centre, we believe in using innovative and interactive methods in our lessons to engage and help students retain information better. Chinese storytelling and Speech and Drama are just two of the many engaging methods that we adopt in our lessons. We also offer a range of programmes to cater to different students' needs. Find out more about our programmes below:

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