What Others Have Said About Our Chinese Tuition Centre

Through the well-planned programmes of our Chinese lessons in Singapore, we've managed to help many students build a strong foundation of the Chinese language and greatly improve their academic performance. Take a look at what others have said about our Chinese tuition in Singapore below!

Yue En

When my son entered Primary 1, we needed a Chinese tuition centre that could meet the demands of the education system. We found this in Promiseland, which delivers a very rigorous and comprehensive program. The lesson plan is very well thought out, always ahead of the school syllabus, with ample time for thorough revision (covering all aspects from vocabulary to oral to comprehension etc) ahead of major tests/exams. The teachers are bi-lingual which is an added bonus.

My son has definitely benefited from attending Promiseland especially since his first exposure to Chinese was only in K2 after we had moved back to Singapore. He has consistently performed well in Chinese since, thanks to the support and dedication of his teachers in Promiseland.

Yue En's Mother

Zi Jie

My son, Zi jie had joined Promiseland Learning Hub since he was Primary 3. Before joining Promiseland Learning Hub, my son’s Chinese was very weak. He had joined several tuition centres and even a private tutor to coach him but still there was no improvement. Finally, one of my son’s classmate parent highly recommended Promiseland to me.

Since then, Zi Jie’s Chinese had improved tremendously and was even recommended by school to take up HMT for P5 and P6. Promiseland’s teaching is fun and interactive and the teachers are able to explain clearly and most important of all, the method of teaching Chinese builds up interest in Zi Jie and he does not only enjoy learning Chinese but also realize that it is an important subject which he wants to excel.

Promiseland’s teachers are very enthusiastic, committed, responsible and caring. The teachers always motivate and encourage the children to be diligent in their work, to read lots of story books and even take time to talk to my son when he encounters some problem in his school’s homework. Promiseland Learning Hub’s curriculum is very good and the materials given to the students are equivalent to the school standard.

Zi Jie's Mother

Jun An

by Connie (Mother of Jun An)

I strongly believe that "A good teacher is one who makes two ideas grow when only one grew before."

Jun An's love for writing sprouts at a tender age of 6,but due to his weak Mother Tongue Mandarin, he wasn't able to express himself proficiently. Promiseland has stretched his potential by equipping him with profound creative phrases to aid him in bringing out what he was trying to express! With his new found tool, his writing took off to the extend of achieving awards for best in Mother Tongue Compositions for P3 and P4 Creative Writing Competition. I have faith and looking forward to his achievements this year in P5 as well !! To top it all, Promiseland's Text Class had done great wonders that Jun An had achieve a Subject Award for topping Mother Tongue for his whole P3 exam level !

Thank You Promiseland, the picture below are my son's awards dedicated to you for what you have done ! Connie (Mother)

Promiseland Learning Hub about achievements awards

As the saying goes, "A great teacher is one that cries when her students sing Silent Night !" I was very touched when Lao Shi requested to attend my Mother Tongue Creative Writing Award Ceremony. Jun An - a student from Promiseland

Mrs Kwan

Huang Laoshi is a dedicated teacher who is very patient in her explanation. She is gentle yet firm and is able to motivate her students to give their best. The materials that she provides for her students are effective in helping them score in the exams. She addresses her students' area for improvements well to help them achieve better results.Mrs Kwan

Mrs Chai Hean Han

Huang Laoshi has been tutored my three children for Chinese subject in Primary School. She is one of the best tutor that we had as she always well prepared for the teaching materials and her teaching is very systematic so the kids will know what they have to prepare before lesson start.

My eldest son did badly in his Chinese subject and failed his Higher Chinese in P5, when Huang Lao Shi started to teach him in P6, he improved drastically and even received an award from the school for the "Most Improved in Chinese Subject Student". He goes on to score A in PSLE for his Chinese.

Huang Lao Shi is not only good in her teaching but she is also very patient. As my children do not speak Mandarin at home, they are very weak in the language. Huang Lao Shi will patiently explain to them over and over again and ensure that they really understand their work. Their excellent results in Chinese has enabled them to take up Higher Chinese in P5. Huang Lao Shi has built a strong foundation in Chinese Language for my kids and it is very helpful when they are in Secondary School.

We are very grateful and consider ourselves very lucky to have Huang Lao Shi to help my kids in doing well in Chinese. Mrs Chai Hean Han

Liu Zhenhao

by Mrs Liu (Mother of Liu Zhenhao)

My Son, 刘镇豪 has been with Promiseland being coached by Su Lao Shi for the past 3 years. I sincerely would like to thank Su Lao Shi for her patience & effort towards my son as sometimes he does not complete his homework or had his spelling learned properly. Having that said, he still achieved his Chinese in band 1 grade. I am really grateful for his achievement and I will continue to recommend my friends to Promiseland. Mrs Liu

Mdm Jane Chan

I am glad that Promiseland Learning Hub is able to switch to virtual lessons in a short period of time upon announcing of circuit breaker measures. 黄老师and苏老师 are very engaging and are able to capture students’ attention even virtually. They make it so easy and fun. Thank you 老师们! Mdm Jane Chan

Mrs Lin

苏老师早,只想通知你,谢谢你教了他三年的华语。他一直保留着很好的成绩,再加上其余的课目表现也很好,因此他被分到了最优秀的班。谢谢你的教导。 林太太


by Mrs Lee (Mother of Reynard)

Huang Lao Shi, We would like to thank you for helping and guiding Reynard for this achievements! Really appreciates. God Bless!

Promiseland Learning Hub about achievements awards Mrs Lee

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