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  • Chinese Creative Writing


    Promiseland Learning Hub Chinese Creative Writing
  • Primary Chinese MOE Syllabus


    Promiseland Learning Hub MOE Syllabus
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  • Qualified, Experienced & Committed Teachers


    Qualified, Experienced & Committed Teachers

Promiseland Learning Hub — The Best Chinese Tuition in Hougang, Singapore

Promiseland Learning Hub is a Chinese tuition centre in Hougang. It was founded with the goal of helping students in Singapore improve in the Chinese language. Our Chinese tutors have years of experience. They have been teaching and conducting Chinese lessons in Singapore since 1998. As the demand for our classes grew, we relocated our Chinese tuition centre to Hougang. We specialise in teaching preschool and primary school level Chinese. Our years of experience have led us to believe that early-life exposure to the language is absolutely critical. As such, we ensure that our Chinese tuition centre is able to boost the confidence and ability of students in having a firm grasp of the Chinese language. We always ensure that our class sizes are optimised for learning. Our dedicated Chinese tutors are equipped with the right approach and are always eager to impart our knowledge to students. We are constantly seeking to cultivate their love for the Chinese language and find a learning style that works best for each individual. Additionally, we work closely with parents so as to help students effectively. Rest assured, with our Chinese tuition in Singapore, we are able to provide the guidance your child needs as they explore this fascinating world of Han Chinese.

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Providing your child with a strong foundation of the Chinese language is critical in today’s education system. Have questions about our Chinese lesson programmes? Whatsapp us directly for more information about our Chinese tuition in Singapore!

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Programmes that Our Chinese Lessons in Singapore Feature:

Promiseland Learning Hub Chinese pre-school enrichment programme


Pre-School Enrichment Programme

At Promiseland Learning Hub, we believe that early exposure to the Chinese language is absolutely critical. Our Pre-School Enrichment Programme readily equips students with a strong foundation in the Chinese language. After attending our Chinese lessons in Singapore, they will find it easier to adapt to the Primary School MOE syllabus.

Promiseland Learning Hub Chinese primary school MOE syllabus


Primary School MOE syllabus

The standard of the Primary School MOE syllabus is constantly increasing. As such, it is important to ensure your child gets the guidance they need to do well in their exams and eventually in the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). Our MOE registered teachers are well-equipped to prepare students and strengthen them in their command of the Chinese language. Therefore, they will be able to perform well in their exams.

Promiseland Learning Hub Chinese creative writing


Chinese Creative Writing

Creative writing is a significant part of the Chinese language syllabus. It can be difficult to pick up, and students often find it challenging. At our Chinese tuition centre, we will train your child with the necessary skills to write well, and also enjoy doing it.


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